Monday, 16 August 2010

Another Bit of Green ....... with a Bit of Orange Thrown in (posted by Lesley)

Hi Everyone,  It's my turn for a sneak peek today, two in fact.  Unlike Judith, it's not unusual for me to choose green as it is my favourite colour but I have thrown in a contrast for my take on Linda Elbourne's lovely Craft Stamper project Playing Tag (July issue page 16).  I've been a fan of Linda's for quite a while now so I was really pleased when Jo chose this project for us.  Anyway, here are a couple of photos.


My project is almost finished and I think Judith and Elaine are in a similar position so it won't be long before we start posting the finished pieces.  We have got rather behind due to other commitments recently and Jo has been away twice gadding round Europe (lucky thing) so thank you for bearing with us.  We hope the finished pieces live up to expectations, Lol!

As always, we really appreciate any comments you have time to leave.

Lesley  Xx


veronica said...

Love those colours Lesley, think I recognise a glimmer screen mask there! Will be great to see it in all its glory..........

Evil Edna said...

that looks dribble worthy.EE

Sally H said...

Ooooh, beautiful colours!

Elaine said...

Oooh Lesley, this looks delicious!! I love the butterflies I can see and that orange is a lovely warm contrast - really looking forward to seeing the finished canvas - this has been a really enjoyable project hasn't it?

Elaine xx

Unknown said...

Oooh orange!!! My favourist colour!!! You definitely can't go wrong with this colour scheme!

See you Friday.



judith@poppy cottage said...

This looks beautiful Lesley, a lovely twist on the original. The colours are gorgeous, and the masking is very pretty. Those butterflies are a real delight, and it will be a treat to see the whole thing. Hopefully before I go away, Judith xx

Suzanne C said...

This looks so pretty and elegant. Can't wait for the reveal!

Val said...

Hi Lesley - looking good - can't wait to see the finished piece.

Jo said...

This is really beautiful, Lesley. I love what you've done with that square alone. And such a successful colour combination. Linda will be proud of you.

Sadly, I haven't even started mine yet so I'm feeling daunted at the stunning company I'll be keeping. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing, (wink, wink!)