Thursday, 4 November 2010

And finally 'Friends' (posted by Judith)

Well, here I am posting my wooden box project based on Isa Norris' idea in the August edition of Craft Stamper magazine. Last month was so hectic for me, I went to Barcelona, and had another two trips away. My box was painted, but unfinished for a few weeks before I could finally get around to completing it this week.
I decided very early on that I wanted a colour scheme of creams and heather colours. I used Eco-friendly Acylic paint, which comes in a variety of colours, and is very reasonably priced. I used clam shell as my cream option, adding just a bit of white. I then mixed Periwinkle, Pomegranate and White to get my heather colour. I painted the box in heather first, using the Vaseline technique on page 9 of the November Craft Stamper to get an aged effect, I then added the cream colour. I stamped the Crafty Individuals crackle stamp onto tissue paper, and added this to the frame onto some of the cream areas, using matte multi-medium by Claudine Hellmuth.

I lined my box compartments with a mixture of Crafty Individuals papers, and handmade backgrounds, in toning colours. My box is a larger option than the other girls have gone for, because I wanted to incorporate a lot of stamps into my project. I have used a photo tray, similar to a printer's tray, but about the same size. I have used lots of Crafty Individuals stamps, a few Katzelcraft stamps, and one or two by ISC. I have chosen a theme of 'Friends' to carry through the project, and Crafty Individuals have lots of lovely stamps to portray this. I have also stamped out four ladies to resemble myself and my three lovely blog friends, although whether we are that graceful, I'm not sure!

I have included lots of little bits and pieces that have been gifts from my friends. When we meet up, they come bearing little packages of craft gifts , and some of these appear in this project; the lovely cream metal butterfly, (it used to be bronze), the pearls on stems, the printed tape, which should have gone in our circle journals, but I felt it belonged on here.

I thought of my friends as I worked on this piece, and I hope that it shows in the final result.

Now, onto our next project! As I've been so tardy in posting this one, I need to let you know what our next project is going to be. Lesley has chosen Joanne Wardle's 'Sunset Silhouette' on page 74 of the October Craft Stamper magazine. Hopefully, you won't have to wait too long to see some items from the others, as I know that they have already been preparing for this challenge. Thanks for stopping by, Judith xx


Aquarius said...

This really is lovely and a great reminder of your friendships. thanks for sharing details of how you went about the project.

Carol Q said...

what a stunner, beautifully coloured and really brought to life by layering the images

Evil Edna said...

wonderful full of warmth and zest.EE

joanne wardle said...

This is stunning. I love love love the gentle colours.
and I'm completely gobsmacked that you've chosen my project for your next inspiration. I can't wait to see what you do. I know it will be amazing!

Elaine said...

I absolutely love, love, love your project! Totally gorgeous colours, that soft lilac is scrumptious. (I used clam shell as well!). You know I adore Crafty Individuals stamps and you have used many to wonderful effect here. Everything works so well together, just perfect and I love the way you have incorporated our different gifts! A really skillfully planned and executed project.

Elaine xx

Jo said...

This is breathtaking, Judith. It was a real feast for the eyes even with just the backgrounds finished. I love the way you have used the Crafty Individuals figures with the grasses. Those pictures remind me of my childhood with the hazy glow of the sunlight. And you are the queen of flowers. Those tiny blooms are just perfect. And how nice to see all those little embellishments that we have all shared. I feel so proud that you have made something so beautiful in tribute to our friendship. Thank you x

craftimamma said...

Judith, this beautiful piece of work brought a lump to my throat. As you know I've been out all day, not getting home until just after 10pm but I've been reading comments on my phone since you posted and couldn't wait to get home to look at your take on the project. You've really done us proud my friend! I love everything about this piece, the colours, the textures, the images, and all the wonderful little elements you have so successfully incorporated.

This wonderful little box is even more special because of the feeling you have put into it. Thanks you from me too.

Lesley Xx

Christine B. said...

This is a really beautiful piece. I love the colours and all the elements. They all come together so lovely and you can see it was a labour of love. A real treasure. Hugs x ChrisB

Suzi B said...

I love this little's stunning!

G Peplow said...

Stunning work, so special, love everything about it:0) xx

Isabelle Norris said...

This is beautiful!! I love it!