Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Asian dawn by Jo

I was thrilled when Lesley chose this project as it was one I had already decided I just had to try. It has been a challenge on so many levels. I have always wanted to create simple cards that make an impression like Joanne's do in Craft Stamper. But I have always felt that I didn't really have the artistic eye or skills to make it work. Having tried this format now I feel I could quite happily do nothing else for a couple of years!

I tried several colour combinations but decided the ones that worked best were the warm ones like Joanne had used. But I didn't want to copy her colours exactly so I tweaked the mix a little. I had my first play soon after Lesley chose the project as I wanted to use the technique for an October birthday card. I had a mix of successes and failures then but didn't get chance to revisit until this weekend. The time delay has made quite a difference. Firstly, I couldn't be sure exactly which colours I had used the first time round! I have also changed my blending technique while making this year's Christmas cards. I had listened carefully to more experienced crafters who had said how important it is to have a light touch with the foam and inks. But I find I get a smoother result from less ink and and just a smidgin of brute force. Sounds like a recipe for disaster but it works for me.

This is the first card I made, and sent an exact copy to my auntie for her birthday.

I have used Distress Inks in Victorian Velvet and Aged Mahogany. I thought the yellow I had used was Scattered Straw but I am wondering now if it was Wild Honey. The stamp is from the Fantasy Floral plate by Elusive Images. You may notice I just couldn't resist adding the word to the design but it felt in keeping with the feel of the card and I reined myself back in afterwards!

The second card definitely used Scattered Straw in combination with Victorian Velvet and Aged Mahogany. The peacock stamp is from the Elusive Images Peacock Ladies stamp plate.

The third card went badly wrong the first time I tried it. But I love this stamp so much I couldn't bear not to use it so here is take 2. This time I used 3 squares, which really tested my measuring skills and geometry. I blended both Scattered Straw and Wild Honey with the Victorian Velvet and Aged Mahogany. The stamp is from Elusive Images' Brocade Backgrounds. In all cases the silhouette was stamped in Onyx Black Versafine. Love that ink!

This project has been a real revelation to me. I have also learned a lot from what Lesley and Elaine have done with their cards so I feel I can now expand on what I've learned from the original article and apply the technique for different purposes.

Joanne, thanks for inspiring us with your silhouette cards and sending us off in a new direction. It has really been an education.


craftimamma said...

Jo,these are fabulous! The images you have chosen work really well for this technique and the colours are superb as is your blending ...... I clicked and clicked again to get the closest close up, Lol! Well done also for having the courage to stamp directly onto your cards because I know you were a little apprehensive about doing that but you've done it perfectly.

Congratulations on your perfect masking (and bravery in attempting it) for the last card. It's stunning and I'm so glad you enjoyed this project. I did too and will definitely use the technique again.

Lesley Xx

Elaine said...


Well done for a gorgeous set of cards. I love that first one, beautiful depth of colour which as you know is my holy grail. Love the choice of stamp and the little word is perfect.

The second design is lovely with it's more gentle colouring, very elegant and that peacock is another fvourite of mine.

I have great admiration for the way you masked card three. I had such trouble with my straight lines, let alone doing a three in one masking. That stamp is a stunning statement.

A gorgeous set of cards and once again, I think we are all learning from each other here.

Elaine xx

Suzi B said...

Jo, these are GORGEOUS! Ilove the simplicity but appreciate the effort involved with the blending. your technigue might be a good one for me ...tfs.
Sue B xx

judith@poppy cottage said...

Stunning cards Jo, your depth of colour is gorgeous. From one who used to be so reticent! The simplicity of your cards is so striking, well done for being so brave, and going for it. I know that the stamp on card number three is one of your personal favouites, so I am glad to see it used here. The three squares are really well executed, and you must have been worried about those! I've gone for multiples, but in a different way, all will be revealed.
The simple word on card number one is lovely too, and that could be a card to make time and time again. A fabulous set Jo, Judith xx

Anonymous said...

all of you on this blog have such a beautiful eye for colours and a wonderful touch with the inks and stamps.
A gorgeous set of cards indeed!

Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very happy.healthy and creative 2011!!

PinksyDoodles said...

These are fabulous!

joanne wardle said...

I love them! and I'm thoroughly honoured that I have inspired them. it's been such a joy to see all of the cards made using this technique!

Aquarius said...

These are beautiful and the article in CS actually inspired me to have a go as well - such a change from all the very layered, embellished cards which are around at present. Not that I think there is anything wrong with embellishment per se but a bit of simplicity doesn't go amiss.

veronica said...

They are all beautiful Jo, and I love the warm colours - look forward to seeing more!