Monday, 27 June 2011

And the Winner is ...............................

Well, I obviously made that much too easy didn't I, lol!  Thanks to Sue, Aquarius and Veronica for having guessed correctly.  Sue, of course was the first to guess within minutes of my posting really but I didn't get chance to publish the comment until this evening.  So can you email me your snail mail addy please Sue.  I'm sure I have it somewhere but for the life of me can't find it and this is Sue's blog, which is well worth a visit.  She has some lovely artwork on there and I visit often.

Thanks for having a guess ladies and look out towards the end of the week as Jo finished her project first so just needs a bit of time to be able to do the post and I will follow soon after with mine which I finished on Saturday.

Well I hope you haven't melted today.  I don't think I've ever drunk so much water (which I hate) to stave of dehydration.  'Normal' temperatures on the way for Wednesday though thank goodness, lol!

See you in about a week's time all.

Lesley  Xx

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Aquarius said...

pleased to hear I was right even if too late - congratulations Sue. I was out all morning meeting up for coffee with some old school friends (and I do mean old!!). Hope you manage to cool down soon.