Sunday, 24 July 2011

A quick peek (posted by Judith)

Hi folks, it's been a couple of weeks since Lesley's gorgeous project was posted on our Blog, and my own project is virtually finished now. Just a little bit more work, and I'l be done. I thought I show you a few pictures, and see if you could guess which project I've chosen to combine my colour palette with. My project has been chosen from either the March, April or May edition of the Craft Stamper magazine, which narrows it down slightly for you.

I am sticking to the colour scheme of cream, latte and bordeaux, as you can see by the photo above. But that probably doesn't help you too much does it?

It is a lovely project, which I liked the look of as soon as I saw it, and wanted to make it straight away. So being able to combine two challenges was perfect for me. Need some more clues?

I'm using some of my favourite imagery, butterflies of course, but that isn't really a clue in this case, sorry! There are some real clues in the pictures though, so have a think, and here is one last sneeky picture.

Thanks for stopping by today, Judith xx


Aquarius said...

Well you've certainly got me thinking now with these sneaky peeks and I'm so looking forward to seeing the final piece. I might just browse through my mags though to see if I can guess.

Suzi B said...

Fabulous colours waiting in anticipation! ... going to browse the mags!
Sue :)

Elaine said...

Well Judith, you have me intrigued. The colouring looks gorgeous as ever and I can't wait to see the big reveal. You reminded me I forgot to look at my Mementos for possible colour matches - too late now! I think you are going to beat me to it again! Elaine xx