Sunday, 4 April 2010

What wood you like to make?

Well the time has come for me to announce the project that I have chosen for us to tackle for April. I have opted for Helen Chilton's 'Wood you believe it?' on pages 16-18 of April's Craft Stamper magazine.
I first encountered Helen through Graphicus and the galleries on the website there. Her vivid use of colour immediately caught my eye. I have always loved what she does, and I enjoyed her projects in Craft Stamper magazine, and then became a follower of her blog. Her project in April's Craft Stamper magazine is more muted in colour than some of her work, but I love the colours that she has chosen. The homespun nature of the stamps are particularly appealing to me, and I really like the vintage feel to the embellishments of the lace and buttons.
I feel that this project gives the four of us lots of scope for diversity based on the piece of wood that we choose. For example, a cube could become a photo holder, an ATC holder, or a jewellery holder, depending on the hardware at the top. A piece of floorboard could become a key rack or a mirror, a piece of skirting board could become some little houses like the ones on Helen's blog here I love the Delft style of these, the colour is just great, reminding me of trips to Belgium when I was younger. I would love to make a few of these for the kitchen.
So, a trip to the local ironmongers and the wood yard to scrounge some offcuts if you fancy making something with a wooden theme girls, you just need to get your thinking caps on now!


Jo said...

Darn it! I've just been down to the shed and the wood we have there is a bit too small for what I wanted. Now shall I adapt my ideas to what I have or head off for the woodyard? Time for some lateral thinking...

erasercarver said...

Oooh, love the sound of this challenge. Looking forward to seeing what you all create!

Elaine said...

Well Judith, you have set us an interesting challenge here! Plenty of acope for our individual styles methinks and good for some recycling too.

I too love Helen's work, since I first came acrss it through the Graphicus galleries and the Guild newsletter projects when I first joined. I am amazed at the accuracy of the way she places the stamps, her colouring and the intricacy of some of her projects like the Secret Garden book in CS magazine - I would love to be that clever! I hope I can live up to her standards just a little.

Elaine xx

craftimamma said...

Like the rest of you I discovered the joys of Helen's artwork through Graphicus and later Craft Stamper and have been a fan ever since.

Like Elaine I marvel at Helen's stamping and this particular project in April's Craft Stamper mag is a perfect example.

All I can say is I will do my best to do justice to her project but I am sure I will enjoy trying Judith.

Lesley Xx