Thursday, 23 September 2010

Onto our next Project (written by Judith)

The Summer is coming to an end, and the Autumn is starting to make its presence felt with the reds and browns appearing on the trees. We get a spell of lovely warm weather, and then the blustery winds appear, making us want to wrap up inside, and keep warm. This is ideal crafting weather, don't you think?
We have had a very busy few weeks, what with holidays, and other commitments, and although we have still managed to fit some crafting time in here and there, we have not been able to keep up with our deadlines on here unfortunately. Our next project is from August's Craft Stamper magazine, based on Isabelle Norris' project 'Seaside Memories' on page 26. This was my choice, as I love the idea of combining stamping, pictures and pieces of memorabilia all in one piece. Isabelle's design is lovely in washed blues, but where we all head? Who knows, with our track record! Will we stay small, or go large? You will have to wait and see. Some of us are well on the way with these projects, and some of us are not so well advanced... hopefully, we'll show you some sneak peeks as per usual, and keep you posted with our progress.
We'll be skipping past September's Craft Stamper magazine in an attempt to get caught up, and next month, we'll choose from October's projects, to bring ourselves back up to date.
Keep popping back for those little snippets, and we'll see you soon, Judith xx


joanne wardle said...

looking forward to seeing your takes on isabelles fabulous work. Also looking forward to seeing what you choose from october's mag

craftimamma said...

Thanks for posting this Judith. Well, I'm one of the not so well advanced, Lol! As yet I haven't a clue what topic I shall use or even what size my project is going to be. I too love Isabelle's project and the content and colours certainly make me think of the seaside but as it's pretty perishing here today, I think a change of mood will be on the cards. We shall see!

Lesley Xx

Elaine said...

I am really looking forward to tackling this one, although my holiday is going to get in the way of completion!! Hope you girls all keep busy progressing yours so I can seem some results when I get back!!

Elaine xx