Sunday, 31 January 2010

At last, I've started!

I was beginning to feel like the Quartet's tortoise with my progress on this project - not that I should mind because actually I love tortoises and have two very characterful ones myself who are often far from slow especially when they are doing things they shouldn't be, but that's another story!

I actually made time to spend a quick hour starting my project this afternoon. I have changed the scale of the project from the orginal very small envelope, I am in awe of what Jean manages in such a small space! I needed to make my envelope a bit bigger so I could use the gorgeous rose edging I found. In honour of the inspiration for the project I have used a Crafty Individuals stamp - rather a passionate one I feel - just right for my Valentine's theme!! I am loving this rich red colour scheme I have chosen and hope the whole thing comes together in the way I want it to,

I have a really busy week ahead, so I suspect there will be more progress reports from the other girls before I get to post again.

Elaine xx


judith@poppy cottage said...

This looks very romantic Elaine! I love this rich colour scheme, and am looking forward to seeing how it progresses. I am pleased for you that you found a little bit of time for crafting in your busy schedule, Judith x

craftimamma said...

Yes, romantic and maybe a little decadent by the looks of it. Love the black embossing Elaine. Glad you managed to find a little playtime today.

Lesley XX

Jules said...

Hi Elaine

This is looking very sultry and romantic even before it is finished!!

Can't wait to see the end result.

Love Jules xx

Jo said...

Sultry indeed! Your choices have really set the mood. Really looking forward to seeing how this one develops.