Saturday, 8 May 2010

A very late sneeky peek (posted by Elaine)

Well, I am so far behind the other girls with last month's project, I am still only able to do a sneeky peek, but hopefully it won't be too much longer before I have my finished project to post.

Unlike the others, I am going to use the skirting board approach, which Helen Chilton did and was featured on the Craft Stamper website and here on her blog. I was sure we would have a piece of skirting lurking somewhere, but sadly not and as the likes of B & Q only wanted to sell us 2.4 metres at a time which seemed a little excessive for what I had in mind, so I persuaded my OH to cut this piece out of a pine shelf for me.

Pulling this project together is going to be a bit of a challenge involving piecing layers together and carefully matching colours, so this is not going to be a speedy job! I still don't even know all the stamps I will be using, but there will be lots of colouring involved!

As you can see I am also going for an architectural theme and hopefully, I'll have the more interesting finished post to show you quite soon!


Jo said...

I love that stamp! And doesn't it make a gorgeous image? Interesting you have used the Smokey Grey. I can't wait to see what you have planned. It looks so exotic and is apparently giving you a bit of a challenge so should be very interesting and unusual. Good luck with the final assembly.

Aquarius said...

This is intruiging - I'm so looking forward to see it when it is finished

Val said...

This looks like it is going to be interesting. Fab details on the stamp. Can;t wait to see the finished image.

judith@poppy cottage said...

This is a lovely stamp Elaine, you've made a great start, now keep up the good work! It's great that you have chosen a different shape to us, and I'm really looking forward to seeing where you go with this one, Judith x

craftimamma said...

Now this is looking very interesting Elaine. As the others have said that stamp is gorgeous and I'm really looking forward to your finished piece but don't rush and spoil it. I have a feeling it's going to be a lovely finale to April's offerings.

Lesley Xx

Terri said...

Elaine, you have a lovely blog and your art is fab.
I am fascinated to see what you do with your architectural stampings.
I will come back and have a look.
Thank you for visiting my blog.